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The 2 Mile Loop 11/20/23

Updated: Mar 3

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow."  ~Melody Beattie

Sharing a few of my favorite things from 2023 with you!

1. SheFit Sports Bra- until I bought one of these a month ago, I have been rotating between sports bras that range from 5-15+ years old. 🙄  I was so tired of "boob bounce" and buying expensive sports bras that did nothing for support. I have seen ads for these bras forever and then had a few people tell me they were amazing. AND, I agree!  $15 off link

2. Oura Ring- after learning how important it is to optimize sleep and with ongoing sleep issues (thank you, hormones!) from practitioners and education. I jumped on the Oura ring bandwagon and it basically confirmed what I already know-- my sleep needs some desperate attention-- not only do I need more, but I my deep sleep & REM sleep is poor! It has been helpful to see what really affects my sleep...alcohol, caffeine, timing of dinner, exercise, stress, etc. $40 off link

3. Nordic Home Candle - these smells SO good and they have a variety of scents that all smell amazing!

4.Skida hats - Let's be real...I LOVE all of their hats, but I did just get this hat and headband for xc skiing.

5. Thrive Mascara- a girlfriend introduced me to this mascara a few years ago.  I love that it doesn't smudge and it is SO easy to come off without scrubbing your eyes!  send me your email for $15 off code.

6. Earrings- I have bought a few new pairs of earrings from these amazing ladies this year-  Susitna Silver, Saltwater Solstice, and Jeebs Uncorked.  a

7. Water bottle- Trying to practice what I preach about hydration! I have been drinking more water with this one from Target.  I loved that it was less than $10 and that it keeps water SUPER cold!  I now have 2- one for work and one for home! 🤦🏽‍♀️


AKPelvic Tips & Tricks. 

6 tips to reduce your bladder leaks. 

  1. Posture, posture, posture. Our posture can help our pelvic floor and deep core connect, work easier and more efficiently.  Shift slightly forward out of your heels -- this may feel really awkward but this helps to get your rib cage (aka diaphragm) over your pelvis (aka pelvic floor). 

  2. Stop sucking in your abs! Holding tension or "engaging your core" all day can put extra pressure on your bladder and pelvic floor muscles (as well as a diastasis recti). 

  3. Make sure you understand how to contract AND relax your pelvic floor appropriately.  Checking with a pelvic PT to ensure that you are correctly coordinating these muscles is so helpful....even though we "feel" muscles working, a majority of women are not able to demonstrate a good Kegel and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. 

  4. Stay limber. Easy yoga poses and stretching can help with back and lower extremity flexibility.  Remember there is a >90% connection between hip/low back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction. 

  5. Watch your breath holding. Holding your breath can increase abdominal pressure, which can weaken or overload your pelvic floor muscles.  One easy trick- EXHALE or "blow out your birthday candles" as you stand up from the couch, desk chair, bed, toilet, etc. 

  6. Be mindful of your bladder habits. Always sit on toilets, let yourself finish completely. Be sure to space out voids to at least 2 hours between. Stop those "just-in-case" pees!  And RELAX vs pushing that pee out.

Many of the things we do to "help" our bladder, often keep us leaking or running to the bathroom! 

What I am listening to (holiday music).


So thankful for you & this community, 💜



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