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2023 Class Schedule


NEW Online Course

A Girlfriend's Guide to Menopause: strategies for more energy, better sex, and increased metabolism.


NEW Online Course

Postpartum Core & Functional Fitness

An online progressive 8-week course that combines education & core/strength exercises to guide postpartum women how to effectively restore their core, improve posture, and move confidently after having a baby.

This presentation will help you learn how to approach and journey through menopause with a plan.

Prenatal Yoga Class

What Our Class Participants Say

Melissa is simply a professional. She is very approachable, knowledgeable and caring. I had both a group class with her and a few individual sessions and was highly pleased both with her approach and my personal results. She made it clear that she took my concerns seriously and at the same time there was this sense of calm that came along with it. She does not become your "buddy" but she isn't detached either. There is this perfect balance and an actual therapeutic relationship. I was never in a position to doubt Melissa's expertise or intentions, it has always been obvious that she has my best interest in mind. There is only one other provider whose care plans I trust to to the same degree, and that's my OB/GYN. I have learned a great deal from Melissa, and I had a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. All in all, I highly, highly recommend her as your PT.

- Maria

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