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Are you Ready to get back into those
pre-baby jeans?


If you are a woman experiencing problems like leaking when you sneeze or jump, pain with intimacy or ongoing pains that limit exercise, you may feel like you're struggling to trust and be in control of your body.

You may have been led to believe by late night Google searches or your provider that you need to strengthen your pelvic floor, stop doing what you love because it will make only things worse, or reduce your stress.

Yet, you’ve done many of those things and not only do you not have time to do them all because you are busy  but also you actually feel worse or you are not getting the results you want which leads you to trust your body even less. 

Instead, what if you could tap into an arsenal of wisdom and trust that is already within you, so that you can rediscover pleasure, energy and brilliant intimacy with yourself, your body and your partner?

Go from dreading your weekly workouts that feel unproductive & repetitive to instead craving exercise & movement that optimize healing and recovery.

Do you struggle with:

pain or pelvic floor symptoms that KEEP you from lifting, running, or jumping with complete confidence??

trying to figure out the BEST exercises after having a baby???

MODIFYING every workout program because of back pain or vaginal pressure??

fear of any “CORE or AB” exercises because of your abdominal separation (diastasis)?

where to even start getting back into shape at 3 months, 3 years, or 8 years postpartum??


Mama, Are you looking to regain the connection, strength, & confidence you once had in your body
before having your baby?

STOP waiting for the perfect time.

Finally get the exercises & coaching that works in 8 weeks.

Join us to...

Learn what exercises are BEST to get back to pre-baby abs

Finally STOP those leaks, pain and bulgy pressures.

Build STRENGTH to allow you to get through the day without feeling exhausted.

Increase your CONFIDENCE with exercising after having a baby.

Progress with exercises that RECONNECT your abdominals and pelvic floor.

"I wish I would have taken this class sooner-- so much great information!  My back no longer hurts and my incontinence is gone!! 

Amber G.

Because not EVERYONE'S postpartum journey fits in a box.

An online progressive 8-week program that combines short, doable core & strength workouts with the WHY to get you closer to that pre-baby body.

Practising with Online Yoga_edited.jpg


- weekly workout 

- weekly education

- postpartum tips & tricks

Get back to those pre-baby jeans....

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