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Physical Therapy Services

Our practice focuses on helping women, men & adolescents with various pelvic floor conditions.

  • Urinary symptoms such as leakage, urgency & bladder pain

  • Bowel symptoms such as constipation, incontinence, rectal pain, or prolapse.

  • Pelvic pain conditions such as vulvodynia, vaginismus and endometriosis

  • Pain with intercourse, tampons, or gynecological examinations

  • Core and pelvic weakness

  • Postpartum concerns such as Diastasis recti & prolapse

  • Postpartum Rehab after Caesarean or Vaginal Birth

  • Return to Exercise Planning after Cesarean or Vaginal Birth

  • Pregnancy related pain (Back, tailbone, pubic symphysis, rib, and neck pain) and birth prep.

  • Painful scars or abdominal pain after abdominal surgery

  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation after gynecological or urological surgeries

  • Low back, hip and pelvic girdle pain

Pelvic physical therapy is more than just Kegels!

Alaska Pelvic Health & Wellness strives to provide innovative and individualized treatment to help you regain your life and get back to what you love as quickly as possible. All of our patients begin by having a comprehensive evaluation, which allows you to provide us with all of the information about the problems you are experiencing. From there, we will provide a thorough examination and partner with you to develop a strategy to get you better!


Your treatment sessions are customized to fit your needs, desires and goals. Our approach always involves comprehensive education to optimize your health, improve bowel or bladder function, overcome sexual difficulties, and move forward from experiencing pain. We also provide high-quality manual therapy interventions including internal and/or external treatment to the pelvic floor muscles, connective tissue mobilization and other myofascial techniques. Exercise interventions are utilized to improve pelvic floor and core function, restore healthy movement patterns and promote return to the activities you love (whether it is running, carrying your children, driving your car, or reeling in a fish).

Ready To Get Started?

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