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Pelvic Physical Therapy Goes
Well Beyond Kegels!

✔️ Stop the leaks? dribbles?

✔️ Increase your core & pelvic floor strength?

✔️ Stop having pain with sex? 

✔️ Decrease bulges, heaviness and prolapse with exercise?

What Our Clients Say

"Melissa was the 3rd pelvic floor therapist I have seen, and the final one! She was able to simplify what the problem was, and help identify a clear plan of action forward. She gave exercises that were easy to integrate into my life, and I was seeing results right away." - Kristi

PT holding pelvis

"I felt immediate relief at my first session. Melissa is so gifted, really listens, and gives manageable exercises to help you build strength. Truly wonderful!!" - Erin

Questions?    Fill out our contact form - we know pelvic health and can get you answers!

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