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The 2 Mile Loop 1/29/24

Updated: Mar 3

11 ways to make the most of 2024

- trust your intuition

- protect your peace 

- focus on small daily wins

- stop doubting your progress

- do not rush important things

- find joy in the present moment

- give without exhausting yourself

- being super busy is not good for you

- craving perfections blocks happiness

- remember that growth improves your life

- let go of the craving to control everything

~Yung Pueblo

I came across his writings a few years ago on IGThey always seem to pop up just at the right time. 💕



AK Pelvic Tips & Tricks. 

5 things your provider* should be doing to help optimize your pelvic floor.

Asking about your menstrual cycle- the length, frequency, heaviness clots, pain and does it keep you from doing the things (i.e. school, sports, hanging out with friends, etc)??

Asking about bathroom habits-How often you are going, getting up at night, leaks, hard to start or completely empty? Are you constipated, abdominal bloating/pain, difficult to start or empty, what do they look like (hard moose nuggets or loose/diarrhea), pain during or after??

Asking about pain with vaginal insertion-With using tampons or menstrual cups, during pelvic exams or vaginal ultrasound procedures, or with penetrative intercourse??

Do they work with a multidisciplinary team-to best optimize your care if symptoms are not changing??

Are they encouraging you to take action-Now or are they recommending you wait another 6-12 months to see if symptoms change??We can often find out SO MUCH by good questions! When we are asked vaguely "how is your X doing?? Most of us don't really know how to answer when we likely don't even understand what NORMAL is or we feel embarrassed about what is happening.Find those providers that ask ALL the questions and team up with other providers to create your DREAM TEAM! *primary care provider, OB/GYN, PA, NP, naturopath, PT, etc 

What I am listening to.


Endometriosis and self-advocacy in medicine.  Line One: Your Health Connection with Dr. Matthew Lindemann & Dr Jillian Woodruff- both GYN doctors here in Anchorage.

8 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life: The Best Expert Advice I’m Using This Year on The Mel Robbins Podcast.

FIVE Things I Learned About Women’s Health That Were Completely Wrong in Medical School on Health by Heather Hirsch.


Smart Sex: How to Boost Your Sex IQ and Own Your Pleasure by Emily Morse

The truth is that improving pelvic & core strength happens in the little, steady steps we take, NOT in the number of planks or kegels we do.  

Moms who do the foundation work along with progression of strength and dynamic movements see GREAT results.

You and I both know there will never be a perfect time, so start taking those steps NEXT WEEK and watch what can happen in our time together! 💪 

 All the best,


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