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Simple ways to make travel more comfortable for your hips & pelvis.

With summertime coming, many of us have trips on the calendar traveling throughout Alaska or to the Lower 48.   Flying out of Alaska is a minimum of 3 hours on an airplane, which is NO small feat, especially if you have a temperamental bladder, tight hips, back pain or get backed up every time you travel.

Here are a few simple things to try to make travel more comfortable whether you are on a plane or in a car/truck!

  1. ELEVATE YOUR FEET  Place your feet on a backpack/carry-on luggage that you would normally push under the seat in front of you if traveling on an airplane. If traveling in a car or truck, you can place feet on yoga blocks, books, or small plastic tote. Even if you feel like you don't need foot support-- just try it! It may surprise you how much better it feels to have knees higher and your feet elevated. - this will help reduce tension in pelvic floor, back & hip muscles.

  2. OPEN KNEES While sitting allow your knees to "relax" and open up- this will further help relax your pelvic floor/hip/back muscles.

  3. LOW BACK SUPPORT Try a small pillow or folded hand towel in your lower back to support your back and basically fill the "space" that is there normally due to the curve of your back. This often allows your back muscles to take a much needed brake.

  4. MOVE Try to get up and move around on the airplane during flights that are longer than 1 hour- stand up in the aisle, go to the bathroom, even doing ankle pumps or leg slides can be helpful. While traveling via a car, stopping every hour or 2 to get out for stretch breaks can be helpful.

  5. COMFORT There are a variety of things that can additionally help you be more comfortable-

  • Thermacare Peel and Stick Heat Pads - warmth lasts 10-12 hours, which is typically enough time to get Alaskans to many destinations.

  • Ice/Cool Packs

  • TENS units

  • Topical pain ointments

  • Cozy clothing & shoes

  • Luggage- for example: using a backpack vs heavy carry-on bag

Happy Travels!



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