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5 ways to improve your consistency with workouts and/or your PT exercises.

Updated: Feb 28

1. Something is better than nothing.

It is the small steps that we do that can make the big changes and get us the results that we want. Try to not have the "all or none" mentality. 5-10 minutes of movement is better than none!

2. Putting off exercise until bedtime.

I’m 100% guilty of this myself.  When it doesn't happen in the morning, we often say "I’ll  just do this when I get home or later this afternoon" but the reality is is that 90% of the time it won’t happen. Make a plan of when you will get it done and put it on your schedule!

3. Time your workouts or exercise with something else.

Can you do a few exercises while you are waiting for water to boil for tea or while you’re brushing your teeth or while you’re waiting for the kids to get home from the bus stop? Try to get your exercises done throughout the day vs waiting for the "perfect" time (we know this won't happen!"

4. Download a timer app.

I like to use SmartWOD Timer (it’s free!). For an easy circuit-type workout format- pick 3-5 exercises. Then in the SmartWOD App use the Tabata setting will set the WORK timer for 45 seconds, REST will be set at 10 or 15 seconds and determine how many rounds I want to do.  If I have 5 exercises and I want to do them each 3x then I enter 15 ROUNDS (3x5= 15) and hit START.  I love that it automatically tells me when to start/stop and I can listen to music, podcast or an audiobook while I’m moving my body without having to count reps

5. Find ways to exercise and move your body that you actually enjoy. 

This could be meeting a friend for a walk or run once a week.  Listening to music or an audiobook while at the gym. Adding your PT exercises to your current exercise workout instead of having to find extra time in the day. Take that dance or hip hop class you have always wanted to.  



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