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5 ways to improve your poops.

As a pelvic PT, I talk about poop ALL day. The reality is that everything works better (our bladder, our pelvic floor muscles, our hips and back, etc) when we have regular bowel movements, whether we are 5 years old or 85 years old.

SO, let's help you improve your poops 💩

Here are 5 easy things you can do to help you go easier & to empty more completely!

  1. ELEVATE YOUR FEET  Place your feet on a stool (ie. squatty potty) or yoga blocks to get your knees higher than your hips - this will help relax pelvic floor muscles and "unkink" your rectum.

  2. OPEN KNEES Drop your pants and underwear past your knees and allow your knees to open up- this will further help relax your pelvic floor muscles.

  3. SOFTEN BELLY Relax your abdominal muscles- too many of us try to push our BMs out by over-straining our abdominals- if you relax your abs, then your pelvic floor muscles relax.

  4. BREATHE Don't hold your breath- exhale while initiating your BM to reduce placing too much pressure downward.

  5. SIT DOWN Sit completely down on the toilet seat - NO hovering! This will allow your pelvic floor muscles to relax and for you to empty more completely without straining or pushing.


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