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5 things you can do TODAY to reduce your prolapse symptoms.

Here are a few simple things to help reduce those bulgy, heavy, pressure sensations in the pelvis!

  • ELEVATE your legs & feet-  lie on your back on the floor and place your legs & feet on a couch or chair, keeping feet together and gently letting your knees open. Often placing a pillow or folded blanket under hips can help reduce symptoms a bit more.

  • EXHALE or "blow out your birthday candles" when you lift various items throughout the day (ie. baby, laundry baskets, flowers or soil in the garden), stand up from a chair or couch, getting out of bed. This helps decrease downward pressure and help turn our deep core muscles on.

  •  RELAX your pelvic floor muscles. This often feels EXTREMELY counterintuative, but often trying to pull everything up makes symptoms worse and doesn't allow your pelvic muscles to work efficiently.

  • CONNECT with a Pelvic PT to ensure that you are coordinating your pelvic floor muscles correctly. Did you know that >75% of women are doing Kegels wrong?? Even though you feel "muscles" tensing when you Kegel, doesn't mean that they are coordinating the right way!

  •   OPEN YOUR KNEES/LEGS to allow for decreased tension throughout your hips and pelvic floor in standing and sitting. This is another thing that feels opposite of what we should be doing to keep everything "up and in" our pelvis, but TRUST ME! 😉

Prolapse symptoms are often increased at the end of the day, after exercise/lifting or with increased abdominal pressure (straining, engaging our core, or holding our breath).  

Try the above tips to reduce your symptoms!  

✨ Remember that your prolapse symptoms often feel worse than they actually are!



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