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Common Patient Questions

...And their answers!

Downloading your Super Bill &  Submitting to Insurance.

1. You can access your super bill in your PTE portal under MY PAYMENTS after each visit that you can submitto your insurance company for reimbursement    (*excluding Medicare & Medicaid).


If you need assistance logging into your PTEverywhere account- please send us an email and we can help get you squared away!

2. Download the Reimbursify App or click link to Reimbursify webpage

**the Reimbursify app is easier to navigate than the web page**

- Enter your demographic and insurance information

- Upload your super bills from Step #1 ⬆️

- Press ENTER

- Claims are typically completed within 4-6 weeks

We are most thrilled to bring this option to you– allowing for a much easier and quicker way to submit your insurance without having to go to their website each and every time! 


If you have any questions, please email us at 

Schedule a Follow Up Appointment

Have you already been in for an initial evaluation?

Are you ready to come back in but are unsure about how to go about it?

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how exactly to book a follow up appointment. 

Log in via your PTE portal 

How to create a Waitlist Request

Are you needing to book an appointment but cannot find an opening within your desired time frame?

Well, regardlessif you are a brand new patient looking to book an Initial Evaluation or an existing patient looking to book a Follow-up Appointment, you can create a request to be placed on our waitlist!

This will ensure that if any cancellations arise in the schedule, you have the chance of being notified of the opening, so you have the opportunity to book.

If you have any questions on how to create a waitlist request, please watch the step-by-step video of the entire process below!

Log in via your PTE portal 

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